10 ways in which celebs do not live like normal people.
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It’s rare to see a celebrity that looks less than fabulous, and it’s no secret why. Each star has a veritable army of assistants behind them, dedicated to making their lives as easy and glamorous as possible. But while you probably know that celebrities employ makeup artists and stylists, we bet you’ll be shocked to know some of the other assistants they have. For example, Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber hire people to make sure they always have a refreshing beverage on hand. Then there are the people tasked with applying oil to get just the right sheen during a beach photo shoot. Even being a celebrity makeup artist isn’t straightforward; if you want to work for the Kardashians, you need to learn the world of Instagram makeup inside and out. Diet is an important part of maintaining your figure, and that means your personal chef may well find themselves cooking up massive quantities of quinoa or counting out blueberries.

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