YouTube’s new monetization rules don’t have to effect the amount of money you can make on Youtube. Your money online doesn’t have to come from Adsense, instead have a business plan around your YouTube channel to make more money.

You can earn more money on YouTube with a small amount of subscribers if you create a business around the value you are sharing.
This is exactly how you can earn money on YouTube!

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  1. Thank you very much for the tips on how to stay better focused on results, not sheer volume and views. I have two channels that I am trying to get some traction on so will be lurking to learn what I can by staying focused on what the audience wants

  2. Great video! So True.. My dayjob is mainly the thing holding me back. It's not going to change anytime soon. Need to find better ways of producing more content with consistency. It's all about priorities 🙂

  3. a huge thing for me is just holding back. When I start just creating content and sharing value with my audience I get better at what I do. Once I just started cranking out videos to better my craft I began using elements from each video as portfolio pieces for my production company. That, in turn, began landing me clients that got me into an office and is paying bills. Not necessarily on YouTube making money but because of YouTube, I'm making money and I'm far below the 80K subscribers Tim was talking about…or even his 3K subscribers.

  4. Thank You so much! I am planing on making a channel, but more like beauty related and when I saw that YouTube was making it a lot harder to get monetized, I'll be honest I got discouraged but your video helped out and I wont let anything stop me :)))
    Thank you! You just got another subscriber


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