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In this video we will go over the top 3 ways on how to make money on YouTube.

This is exactly what we go over:
1) How to make money on YouTube from only YouTube ads and google adsense
2) How to utilize affiliate marketing in your YouTube description
3) How to create a blog that increases the back end profits from your YouTube channel

YouTube marketing is one of the best ways to make money online and many are able to scale it to even $100 per day.

The most important thing about learning how to make money on YouTube is that it takes time, effort, and a lot of hard work.

But if you remain consistent and treat it like a business, it can be the source of great passive income that can pay you while you sleep.

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  1. Hey Mike I have been following you for a while and I have a few questions 😉 the first one is how can I deal with the delivery time to the European countries at dropshipping and the second one is let's say I bought a product for 3 Dollors and I sold for 10 Dollors how much money should appear on the box ? would the supplier change the cost for me ?

  2. Hey there, I just want to say thank you Mike !!! and here is an advice for everyone who wants to start a youtube channel: please please FOCUS on a niche. As my youtube channel… i got 20k subscribers but all of my 20k subscribers are fake ! because it was a gaming channel before, and I change my niche to vlogging… gopro… adventure… and everyone left my channel… because that's not what they expect for… so please please focus on a niche that you're passionate about ! NOTE: if you try to reach everyone, you will end up reaching no one !

  3. Hello Mike, you may not remember me sending you a message the other week. Just wanted to let you know that I have now uploaded my first YouTube video. Next video should be up sometime this week. I will also be starting a blog to back up my videos. And yesterday I attempted my 2nd shopify store as my first didn't go down too well. If you'd like to see the store and tell me what you think that would be amazing! Hope you're well man!

  4. Based on your research, is Shopify your number one weapon of choice when it comes to creating shop pages? Do you have any experience with other platforms? What do you think about using WooCommerce or something similar under WordPress platform?

  5. Man, I just have to say your channel is awesome. I was skeptical that you were going to be another one of those clickbaity channels that just regurgitates the same information as everyone else, but you have by far given me the most amount of valuable, USABLE information. You're one of the best out there, keep up the great work.


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